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ESTA Verify/Update Steps



What country are you a citizen of?

What kind of card will you use for payment?

NB! We charge a processing fee of USD 39.00. Do you still want to continue?


You should check your existing travel authorization (ESTA) if:

  • You lost or forgot your authorization number
  • You are not sure that you have applied for a travel authorization (ESTA)
  • You are not sure that if your travel authorization (ESTA) has expired
  • Someone in your travel group is not sure of their travel authorization (ESTA) status.

Do you want to check the status of your ESTA or that of someone in your travel group? Fill out our online ESTA Verification Form. It can take up to 72 hours to check existing ESTA applications. Each verified application is sent to the traveler by email in PDF format. We can verify your ESTA for a fee of USD $ 39.00. Our service is optional; you can check your travel authorization on your own directly on the U.S. government website.

What happens after you submit a verification request?

Our customer service representatives will carefully review your existing ESTA application. Once your current ESTA application has been verified, you will receive it via email in PDF format. We recommend that you print your travel authorization and bring it with you while traveling to the United States.


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