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ESTA Application Steps

New ESTA Application


What country are you a citizen of?

What kind of card will you use for payment?

NB! We charge a processing fee of USD 88.00. Do you still want to continue?


  • The ESTA application can only be submitted online
  • It is done by following all the steps in the application process
  • When you submitted your ESTA, you will reach the last step that confirms that you have submitted your ESTA application
  • Be aware that the ESTA is not the same as a visa, and a visit to the US Embassy is not required
  • The ESTA-number will be sent to you via email and will take no more than seventy-two hours

The travel authorization is only eligible if your travels relate to tourism, business, transit, healthcare or short study programs (non-credit). When you obtain the travel authorization, it is valid for two years, and a renewal is required if it expires. Please take note that even if the ESTA is valid for two years, you can only stay in the United States of America for no more than ninety days after entering the country and successfully passed through immigration.

Here is a sample of the document that you will receive via email:


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